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Proper response to security incidents, which are causing a stir on a daily basis, is an urgent and essential requirement for the survival of companies. tdi offers a wide spectrum of security products to provide solutions that meet a comprehensive range of security needs for everything from network infrastructure to endpoints.

Solution Services Offered

Next-generation endpoint security against ransomware

  • Deep Instinct

    Deep Instinct is an endpoint security solution that uses deep learning. Deep Instinct prevents over 99% of known and unknown threats. The entire detection and quarantine process is automated, reducing the man-hours required for operation and management.

Patch management, operation log, external device control

  • IT Asset Management Consulting

    By leveraging our more than 10 years of experience in product sales and service deployment, we select and propose optimum IT asset management products and services that meet the needs of each customer.

  • Ivanti

    Ivanti, an integrated IT asset management solution, enables the integrated management of the system, security, and process of desktop PCs, servers, and mobile devices within an organization. As an authorized sales agent, tdi supports the deployment of the solution for our customers.

  • MCore(R)

    Mcore, an integrated IT asset management system, is equipped with all the functions necessary for IT control, from IT asset management to safeguarding of information and quarantine. With focus placed on operability, the system can be used easily, intuitively, and smoothly. Its all-in-one configuration also results in significant reduction of total costs.

  • Smart Asset Management Service

    This cloud-type service allows you to strengthen Windows PC security and manage your IT assets, licenses, networks, and equipment at a low cost and with no need to have your own server or administrator.

  • MylogStar

    MylogStar is a one-stop operation log management solution that collects, saves, analyzes, and even produces detailed analysis reports on logs. A lineup of various types is available to choose from according to your organization's scale and budget to strengthen your security environment.

Vulnerability diagnosis

  • Aeyescan

    In-house Web Application Vulnerability Assessment! AeyeScan

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