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Robotic process automation (RPA) automates keyboard input and other repeated routine tasks on computer to help increase operational efficiency, reduce errors, and curb overwork.

Solution Services Offered


  • RPA implementation service

    We contribute to automate your routine PC works with RPA and grow up your company. Also we develop RPA human capital in the company.

  • RPA Platform "UiPath"

    We support the deployment of the RPA Platform ”UiPath”system flexibly to meet various requirements regardless of the scale of your business, whether small start or enterprise.

  • Power Automate for desktop

    Microsoft Power Automate for desktop, an RPA tool for automating desktop PC processes

  • Proof of ICT's Value "tdi Competency Lab"

    Now, "Speed" is seriously important when you encounter your company's challenges through cutting edge ICT such as AI, IoT, RPA and so on. Even on an business area of not known or needed verification of ROI, you should execute try and error such as POC (Proof of Concept) or POV (Proof of Value) ICT project in a timely manner. "tdi Competency Lab" supports that and proves the ICT's value for you speedy.

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