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AI/Cognitive Computing

AI technology--artificial intelligence and augmented intelligence--and cognitive computing technology where the computer thinks, learns, and produces answers for itself are attracting tremendous attention as technologies that can assist in people's decision-making. We support our customers throughout the process of planning, designing, developing, and introducing these technologies.

Solution Services Offered

AI/Cognitive Computing

  • Knowledge Worker Assistant

    The "Knowledge Worker Assistant" provides integrated support for the various intellectual tasks performed by knowledge workers, enabling them to drastically improve their productivity.

  • Business AI implementation services

    More than 50 AI consultants and engineers who have above 150 results regarding AI systems implementation support to solve your company's challenges through Business AI.

  • AI Visual Inspection

    In Factory, human resource shortage of visual inspection is important issue. By AI, We support to automate visual inspection.

  • AI Risk Assessment Service

    The AI risk assessment service discovers the "causes" of product hazards and defects with a text mining platform. It solves various problems of risk assessment operations such as knowledge sharing and operational efficiency.

  • Proof of ICT's Value "tdi Competency Lab"

    Now, "Speed" is seriously important when you encounter your company's challenges through cutting edge ICT such as AI, IoT, RPA and so on. Even on an business area of not known or needed verification of ROI, you should execute try and error such as POC (Proof of Concept) or POV (Proof of Value) ICT project in a timely manner. "tdi Competency Lab" supports that and proves the ICT's value for you speedy.

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