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Solution services

We offer services with a focus on such specialized fields as the medical profession and distribution industry involving the provision of essential IT infrastructure, such as mobile, security or cloud infrastructure, to form a foundation for their operations.

Product lines


"@Face" high-speed/high-precision facial recognition
A facial recognition system with photographs of users' faces stored in a database serves as a highly effective deterrent against unauthorized access. TDI's @Face facial recognition series features systems capable of responding to wide-ranging requirements, including computer log-on processes, room access controls and customized responses to customer requirements.
"LANDESK" comprehensive IT asset management
Our LANDESK product offers solutions for comprehensive management of desktop computer and mobile device systems as well as for security and various processes conducted by companies. The system is compatible with a variety of platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, UNIX and Linux as well as smartphones and other platforms, enabling users to manage them proactively from a single console. It achieves high cost effectiveness in a short time with scarcely any new investment in additional infrastructure or training.

"Driveware NonCopy2" confidential file proliferation prevention
Driverware NonCopy2 is a file proliferation prevention software product that protects important internal files by restricting their removal or prohibiting their duplication or copying. The software's various functions include copy guard and encryption, of course, but they also extend to workflow and log acquisition as well as to unified client management.
"MylogStar" PC operational log management
MylogStar centralizes management of all forms of operational logs, including collection, storage and analysis logs. It can gather 15 types of log, the highest number in the industry, and generate substantial analysis reports. It is optimized for virtualization and thin clients as well. We offer a broad selection of products and services suited to the scale and cost of widely varied projects to enhance our customers' security environments.

"WatchGuard" next-generation firewall
Developed based on firewall and VPN functions, WatchGuard facilitates comprehensive management of multiple security functions, from anti-virus and unauthorized intrusion protection to Web content filtering. Cost reductions as well as efficient operation and management are easily achieved, since the full offering of security functions is integrated and centralized in a single unit.
"SECURE FORCE" IT internal governance/security visualization
SECURE FORCE analyzes log data in real time and displays clear, easily understandable graphic images of unauthorized access information as well as information related to detection and protection via a browser. It also provides users with easy access requiring no special knowledge to the "who is" and "doing what" aspects of network usage as well as to email transmission and reception status.

"AccessMatrixUSO" universal single sign-on
AccessMatrixUSO enables customers to use a single ID/password set to authenticate and log onto multiple applications and systems. Unified management of authentication information simplifies otherwise complicated management, liberating users from the need for time-consuming development of specialized authentication functions for individual applications. The burden on both users and administrators is lightened as a result.
"SOPHOS" comprehensive virus countermeasures and data protection
The Sophos virus countermeasure and data protection solution protects desktop and laptop computers, PDAs, smartphones and removable media from security threats posed by viruses and spam as well as from unauthorized access, loss and theft.

"SECUREMATRIX?" matrix authentication
SECUREMATRIX® is a personal authentication system that does not involve any use of authentication devices. This saves customers from the expense of authentication devices and the need to memorize complex passwords. Cost savings, strict security and optimal usability are achieved simultaneously.
"L2Blocker" unauthorized PC connection control
L2Blocker is an appliance product for detection and elimination of unauthorized PC connection issues that can be implemented easily, simply and at a low cost without changing the user's current network environment. It employs block operation on Layer 2 to minimize risks related to information leaks by detecting and eliminating connections by unauthorized terminals to internal networks.

"WISE Print Printing Log Monitoring" printing security measures
WISE Print Printing Log Monitoring centralizes management of printed materials by converting them into image files and archiving them in a print log. In the unlikely event of a leak, the printing contents can be verified and the user who printed the materials can be identified through a variety of search methods, including a full text search. Printing toner and ink consumption can also be reduced by up to 75% for further cost reduction.


"IBM? Worklight" mobile business support solution
With the number of mobile terminals in use continuing their expansion of recent years, development of applications that cater to the needs of mobile users is of growing importance. IBM? Worklight is an advanced mobile application platform that responds to the issues concerned with a broad range of functions designed for smartphones and tablets.
"DAiS Promotion" for improving sales and reducing sales promotion costs
The O2O (online to offline) approach to consumer sales, which coordinates brick-and-mortar (offline location) and network (online location) sales activities, is currently in growing demand in an environment of expanding smart device availability. DAiS-Promotion is the ideal tool to equip your business to begin benefiting from O2O sales quickly and at low cost. It makes introducing the trendy O2O approach in a cloud environment a simple matter.


"TSUMASOL-fresh" ordering system for distribution of fresh produce, prepared foods and daily foods
TSUMASOL-Fresh resolves a variety of problems that arise in ordering operations. Since it can use existing terminals, implementation of the system is quick and inexpensive. Optimized ordering operations are achieved at all times by such means as real-time verification of ordering status and support with appropriate responses.


"OpenNetKarte" Web-based digital medical record system
OpenNetKarte is a Web-based digital medical record system developed by leveraging our many years of development experience to meet the needs of the medical field to the maximum extent. This next-generation digital medical record system achieves coordination among hospitals and coordinates diagnoses easily and at low cost through sharing of medical care information among regional medical organizations.

Production control

"Asprova SCM" provides support for visualization and overall optimization of supply chains
The system prepares schedules for supply chains and provides support for their visualization and optimization. Procurement, production and delivery plans are prepared for entire supply chains comprising multiple customers, distribution centers, manufacturing plants and suppliers based on entered demands. Detailed production schedules can be prepared for individual factories, moreover, simply by entering production plan results to achieve visualization and optimization.

Embedded technologies

Embedded solution tools & CASE tools
CASE tools are proposed and provided in accordance with the customer's objectives. We propose the most effective development methods for CASE tools as well as the optimal use of CASE tools with respect to the scope of their application and other matters based on expertise cultivated through hands-on development. We also provide instructions on techniques for operating CASE tools after their implementation as well as ongoing maintenance support.


"Report Designer" simplified business intelligence (BI) reporting tool
Report Designer is a reporting tool that is shared on the Web as well as by clients and servers to facilitate simplified report preparation matched to the needs of users through direct and indirect operational links with a diverse range of databases. The output (ledgers and reports) customers require is provided quickly, easily and securely. An independent forms platform, the system responds to nearly every internal output requirement of corporations.