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Software development

We serve a variety of business fields and operate across a broad range of business domains extending from mainframe and open systems to Web systems. Driven by technologies and know-how backed by many years of experience, our services encompass system requirement definitions that guide their design, programming, testing and maintenance, not only in order to satisfy our customers, but also to realize information systems of superior quality at low cost.

Diversified service offering

Stock brokerage
We provide services covering every aspect of stock brokerage systems, from planning and development to maintenance and operation.
We support financial operations with development services provided by individuals with experience in information systems for financial institutions, including accounting systems, information systems and support systems for banking operations.

We offer design and development services for new development of insurance operations systems as well as system renewal services.
We support manufacturing operations by providing planning systems as well as design and development services for new system development and system renewal.
We provide all our operation and maintenance services from a QCD (quality, cost and delivery) perspective.

Our comprehensive solutions encompass the full range of distribution systems, from problem detection to operation and maintenance.