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Information-processing services

With the information available to society continuing to expand at a quickening rate, social responsibility with respect to computers, which play a central role in this expansion, is also acquiring increasing significance. We achieve remarkably efficient, secure system operation by precisely tailoring various information-processing services to a diverse array of information systems. Services range from system management, system consultation, and operations management and monitoring to help desk operations and operating technician training.

Introduction of various services

Operations clinics
We conduct objective evaluations of the activity status and operating levels of individual customers’ information systems to ascertain their current status and clarify issues in order to propose appropriate solutions and review strategies.
TEMS services
Issues concerning IT asset management and PC security strategies can be resolved at the same time. This solution strategy involves combining the operations capabilities and wide-ranging asset management applications of our corporate group.
As a software as a service (SaaS) solution, it involves no initial cost.

Infrastructure building service
We provide information infrastructure, the foundation for corporate strategies, as a comprehensive offering encompassing design, construction and operation of various networks basic to IT strategies, construction of secure servers and migration from existing systems.
Contact services
? We build help desk environments employing computer telephony integration (CTI) applications.
Users benefit from operational support based on established methods and procedures.

System operation services
These are operational services dedicated to such specific applications as encryption, authentication and asset management and involving performance of maintenance, management and operation of JOB schedules. They also extend to machine operation according to stipulated procedures.