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Embedded and ubiquitous / evaluation and analysis of semiconductor

At a time when technological advances are propelling society toward greater convenience and consideration for people’s needs at a remarkable pace, the tdi Group’s embedding staff continue to lead the way in realizing dramatic technological innovations by implementing the latest technologies to provide services related to specific applications, from planning to design development. Our experts are finding applications in new fields for technologies cultivated over many years, including evaluation analysis associated with electronic circuit design and manufacture as well as semiconductor product development, with the aim of adding convenience to people’s lives through “craftsmanship” that is shaping the future.

Overview of service contents

Embedded and ubiquitous technologies

We act as an internal organization for our customers by providing comprehensive support for all their processes, from plan formulation and cooperative hardware and software development all the way to mass production.

Software and hardware
? We share our vision of appropriate goals with our customers and provide comprehensive support in terms of both software and hardware. This involves offering a range of services and solutions throughout the process from prototype development to mass production.
Our track record and experience in delivering products of more than sufficiently high quality to meet the rigid specifications for automotive development equip us to provide comprehensive planning of vehicle-mounted device development, from the initial planning to the mass-production stages. We are helping to resolve the issues facing our customers in various fields concerning vehicle-mounted devices.

Our "craftsmanship solutions" are optimally suited to customer requirements due to our ability to deploy leading-edge Android (open source) technologies and to respond to needs from both the hardware and software perspectives.
Factory automation (FA)
? We resolve various issues encountered in production line inspections by providing image recognition for automated inspection services (improving the quality, traceability and efficiency of production lines).

Evaluation and analysis of semiconductor

We provide design, testing program development, evaluation, analysis and other services for DRAM, SRAM ASIC, system LSI, analog logic and other semiconductor devices.

Evaluations and analyses
Some of our know-how on evaluation analysis of semiconductor chips is incorporated in tools we offer for sale as merchandise. We introduce here two examples of cases in which we incorporated tasks requiring effort and experience conducted during an evaluation analysis into our tools.
In-house achievements
- Quality assurance
We have been striving to establish and achieve full realization of Group-wide operating processes from a quality management perspective since 2003, and we continue to promote thorough enhancement of project management and visualization of the processes.
Business alliances
- Cooperating businesses
Alliance relationships with various companies enable us to offer comprehensive responses to issues facing our customers. We employ our core competence in embedded device development capabilities to respond to customer needs from every relevant perspective.