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Data center services

With interest in cloud computing services growing, increasing numbers of companies are using Internet data centers. We respond quickly to changes in the environment surrounding the Internet to provide Internet data services for the new era, including virtualization technologies. Our corporate group’s comprehensive capabilities are at your disposal to meet all your data center service needs throughout the IT life cycle, from procurement to disposal of IT assets.

Services offered

Shared servers

Shared server "3G"
<Shared server 3G>

These shared server plans offer low-cost use of high-quality, high-performance servers.

Dedicated servers

Managed dedicated servers
Dedicated server "FLEX"
<Managed dedicated servers>
<Dedicated servers FLEX>

Customers have a choice of two services featuring dedicated servers depending on their objectives, applications and scales of implementation.


Kagoya Cloud / VPS
<Kagoya Cloud / VPS>

Customers are given root-level authority for use of virtual dedicated servers that enables them to set up and operate servers themselves using Open VZ virtualization technology.

Data center


Rack space and lines are provided by the housing service at our data center.

Functional servers

Database plans
<Database plans>

Two plans, the MySQL Plan and the PostgreSQL Plan, are available for use of individual external database servers.

Email plans
<Email plans>

Three types of email plan, the Shared type, Dedicated type and Enterprise type, are available to suit the usage applications and scale of application of individual corporate customers.

File server with remote backup function
<File server with remote backup function>

Compatible with RAID6, the system provides flexible protection. It is recommended as a countermeasure for disasters and operating errors such as overwriting of files.

desknet's NEO専用プラン
<desknet's NEO Dedicated Service Plan>

This plan offers managed services for groupware employed in cloud environments.