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Corporate profile

Trade name Technological Development of Information-processing (abbreviated as tdi)
English corporate name T.D.I.CO.,LTD.
(Technological Development of Information-processing)
Address Head Office
6-8-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-6013
Sumitomo Realty & Development Shinjuku Oak Tower  [Map]

Phone: +81-03-3372-1711 (switchboard)
Founded in September 2, 1968
Established in August 14, 2015 (New Incorporation Date, Associate with the MBO)
Capital Stock JPY1,351,000,000
Net Sales JPY29,356,000,000 (consolidated, as of end March 2018)
Number of employees 1,709 (consolidated, as of end March 2018)
Areas of business Software development, information-processing services, embedded and ubiquitous/semiconductor-related technologies, data center services, development and sales of software-related merchandise
Executive officers
  • Noboru Yasunaga, Chairman and Representative Director
  • Ichiro Miyoshi, President & Representative Director
  • Yoshito Takada, Director
  • Shinichiro Habu, Director
  • Junichi Hayakawa, Director
  • Toshihiko Tobe, Director
  • Yutaka Hirota, Director
  • Kazuo Hosoi, Director
  • Tadahisa Ishikawa, Director
  • Hironori Furukawa, Director
  • Katsuhiko Nishii, Standing Statutory Auditor
  • Hiromichi Miyauchi, Auditor
  • Masahiro Ito, Auditor
Affiliated organizations
(no particular order)
Japan Information Technology Services Industry Association (JISA)
Japan Embedded Systems Technology Association (JASA)
Information Technology Alliance (ITA)
Affiliated companies
Subsidiaries TDI System Service Co., Ltd.
TDI Product Solution Co., Ltd.
Link Information Systems Co., Ltd.
Kagoya Japan Inc.
Fast Co., Ltd.
Flexas Ζ Inc.
IMG Consulting Co., Ltd.
Dalian T.D.I. Co., Ltd.
Associated companies Act City Co., Ltd.
Layers-TDI Solutions Co., Ltd.